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Customizable Sea Glass Bird on Driftwood Picture

Customize this picture with your town name, beach name or whatever tickles your fancy! The driftwood and glass will vary from the photo shown. Please leave us a note with your order with your text EXACTLY how you would like it shown on the picture. You may choose your frame and color preferences below. We have three bird options:

Colorful Bird (shown)

Sea Gull (white bird with orange legs and beak, gray wing added)

Shore Bird (white bird with orange legs and beak, no wing added)

This is a great sea glass picture of a shore bird sitting on some driftwood. The sea glass and driftwood was found on the beaches on the North Shore of Massachusetts. They are set on a textured acid free paper. The picture is framed in a shadowbox washed wood frame that can hang or stand.

Total Dimensions are about 8"x6" in the frame. A great gift for a family or any beach lover!

This can take up to 5 business days to ship.

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Customizable Sea Glass Bird on Driftwood Picture
  • Frame Color: Natural
  • Glass/Mat Color Theme: Green
  • Bird Type: Colorful Bird


Do you tumble your glass or is it natural?

All of our sea glass is naturally found on the beach. We do not reshape, color or alter the glass in any way. Keeping the natural integrity of the glass in tact is important to us.

Will my frame come with glass?

All of our frames come with a glass front on them to protect the picture inside. Our frames measure between 1/2 inch and 1 inch deep.

Can I change the frame/mat color?

We can customize the color combination of any pictures available on our website. Head to our contact tab and send us a message. We would love to help!