About Us

 As a mother-daughter team based in Massachusetts, we have discovered the art of transforming locally collected sea glass, driftwood, shells, sea pottery, and other beachcombing treasures into stunning pieces of art. Today, we share our story, inspirations, and commitment to sustainable practices that guide our artistic process.

A Shared Love for the Ocean: Our artistic journey began with our shared love for the ocean, nurtured during our time living on the coast of Massachusetts and Key West, Florida. The rhythmic sounds of crashing waves, the salty air that invigorates the senses, and the incredible diversity of marine life have always captivated our hearts. These experiences serve as the driving force behind our artistic endeavors, as we seek to capture and convey the ethereal beauty of the sea.

Collecting Coastal Treasures Sustainably: Sustainability lies at the core of our artistic process. When gathering materials for our sea glass art, we are committed to maintaining the delicate balance of our coastal ecosystems. We collect sea glass solely from local shores in Massachusetts, ensuring a minimal environmental impact. By adhering to sustainable harvesting practices, we contribute to the preservation of marine life and the longevity of our beaches.

Beyond sea glass, we embrace a holistic approach to beachcombing. Our collection includes locally sourced driftwood, shells, sea pottery, and various other beach treasures. However, we never forget our responsibility to the environment. During our beachcombing adventures, we diligently collect any litter or debris we encounter, playing a small but vital role in keeping our beaches clean and protecting marine habitats.

The Artistic Process: Every piece of our sea glass art is a unique creation, shaped by the harmony between nature's gifts and our artistic vision. Working as a mother-daughter team, we infuse our combined creativity and shared experiences into each artwork. The sea glass, meticulously selected and sorted, serves as the vibrant palette for our designs. The natural colors and textures of the glass, combined with the intricate shapes of driftwood and the delicate beauty of shells, bring our visions to life.

Giving Back: We are dedicated to the preservation of our local beachside communities. We regularly contribute to Nature Preserves, Animal Rescues and Animal Sanctuaries along the coast of Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine.

Conclusion: As we continue to embark on our artistic journey, our commitment to the ocean's preservation remains unwavering. Through sustainable practices, mindful beachcombing, and the transformative power of art, we strive to raise awareness about the fragile beauty of our coastal ecosystems. Join us on this adventure as we celebrate the magic of sea glass and embrace the treasures that nature so generously provides. Together, let us honor the ocean and preserve its magnificence for future generations to cherish.